- We are the local distributors for M/s. Winteb v.o.f, The Netherlands

   Winteb manufacture, air pipe heads in seawater resistant aluminum.

- Winteb also manufacture Liquid Mud Valves and Valves for Inert Gas.

- Stella Maris Trading L.L.C. Dubai, are also the agents for, HMSA

   M/s. Holland Marine Services Amsterdam, The Netherlands

- HMSA are the Designer, Producer and supplier of the Smallest Design

   Biological Sewage Treatment Units

- Grease Separators, Gray Water Tanks, Ejector Type Vaccum Toilet Systems,

   compact Reverse Osmosis ( RO ) Fresh Water Generators,

- UV Disinfection Units, Hydrophore Units, The Jets Vaccum Toilets etc .

   Reverse Osmosis Fresh Water maker model Petsea RO SW 250/300

   The unit is designed for a daily production of 30 m³ (1.250 litres/hour) of fresh water,

   given a feeding water temperature for the feeding water of 18 ºC

   (the parameters for production and quality of the water will be different according to changes of temperature).

- Stella Maris Trading L.L.C. Dubai, supply all types of Valves for Marine,

   HVAC and oil and Gas applications from Europe, Korea and USA

- Stella Maris Trading L.L.C. Dubai, is your one stop shop for all your Marine valve requirements

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