Lankhorst Ropes is one of the world's oldest and largest rope manufacturers with roots in The Netherlands going back to 1803.

Lankhorst Ropes is part of the Royal Lankhorst Euronete Group of companies.

Rope manufacturer in UAE.

In 2011 we've opened our Dubai Branch office to support the local clients and bring quality ropes into the market.

Especially in a UV intense area such as UAE, buying quality ropes will pay off rapidly.

Our philosophy is to offer your value for your money. Imagine the cost reduction when all your ropes lasting 2 to 3 times longer! Bear in mind also the increase in safety, reduction of downtime and the reduction of replacement logistics and effort.

Our ropes and wires are available all over the world in: Fujairah, Rotterdam, Singapore, Houston, New York and Cape Town.

Our brands are:

  • Tipto©Eight
  • Eurofloat©
  • Euroflex©
  • Tipto©Winchline
  • Lanko©force
  • Strongline© (with the revolutionairy A3©rope splice)

These ropes are available at our global stockpoints. And remember: Lankhorst Ropes do not break !

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