Our experience, as well a strong network of manufacturers, made us a reliable partners which can offer an excellent quality of spare parts at competitive prices. During past years we have developed a network of few hundreds satisfied clients which include shipping companies, ship-managers, shipyards, traders, chandlers and even industrial companies like steel mills, energy plants, water supply and sewage plants. Scope of our supply are: Centrifugal Pumps and Spares, Screw Pumps, Gear Pumps, Electrical Motors, Turbine and Engine Parts, Centrifugal and Axial Fans, Winches and Crane Spares, Slide and Ball Bearings, Mechanical Seals, Solenoid Valves, Actuators, Water Treatment Spares, Heaters, Exchangers, Soot Blowers, Cam Switches, Control Panels, PCBs, Cables, Navigation and Signal Lights, Lamps etc.


NN, IN, NK, KK, KK/2, SUE, LU, VK, RPPm, RPP 16-2,5, RPP 16-4, SOK 16-4, SOK 17-5, SOM 9,4-3,2, SOM 8,8-3,2, SOM 10,5-3,2, SOM 12,5-3,2, SVVm 13-3, SVVm 13-4, SVVm 12-3,2, VSm 16-5, VSm 21-8, BV2am28-6,5, BV32-10, BV32-10, BVm28-8, BVm 28-15, BVm32-15, PSNm 32-20, PSNm 34-20, PSNm 37,5-20, CH 60-30, DHm 52-25, DH 30-15, VNK 25-10, ZH

JUGOTURBINA Thune Eureka models:

CGA 50, CGA 65, CGB 80, CGB 100, CGC 125, CGC 150, CGD 200. CGD 250, CGE 300, CGE 350, C12BA, C22BA, C32BA, C42BB, C42BB, C52BB, C62BB, CAC200, CAC250, CAC300, CAD350, CAD400, CAD450, CAD500


PAK 20-2N, PAK 25-2N, PAK 32-2K, PAK 32-2N, PAK 32-2D30, PAK 38-2N, PAS 45-2K, PAS 45-2N, PAS 52-2K, PAS 52-2N, PAS 60-2K, PAS 60-2N, VPA-20-3N, VPA-25-3N, VPA-32-3N, PAHVGOK 70-2N, PAHVK 110-2N, PASVOK, PASK, PAHVK, PVPKU, ZOL-3, ZOL-5, ZOL-8, ZOL-12, ZOL-20, ZOL-32, ZOL-50, ZOL-80, ZOL-125, ZOLSG, PZG

We can offer large scope of new or replacement pumps and spare parts for them. Either they are screw, gear, piston, rotary or centrifugal type. We can offer: end suction, vertical inline, multistage, split case, axial propeller, for fresh or sea water, oil, sewage water, or ballast and cargo handling pumps. We can cover: HAMWORTHY, GARBARINO, SPERRE, THUNE EUREKA, DESMI, KRAL, BOMBAS AZCUE, KSB, IRON, NANIWA, EBARA, IMO, LEISTRIZT, ALLWEILER, BORNEMANN, and more.

Brands which we are covering are: JUGOTURBINA, EUREKA, CROATIA PUMPS, TVORNICA DARUVAR, THUNE, KVAERNER, GOTHIA, HAMWORTHY, WARTSILA, KONCAR, ISKRA, TIMEL, INELTEH, VOLTA, MPD, MIV, RADEZ, GREBEN, VULKAN, RAKOVICA, ULJANIK, UTE, TESU, MAN, SULZER, CRANE, BRODOOPREMA, TVUS VENTILATOR, OBRADA, DEIF, ACG, VARNOST, PETOLETKA, KLADIVAR, SKARPENORD and many others. Our goal is complete fulfillment of the highest quality requirements, from the inquiry where we exactly define technical requirements and needs, controlled production process, till the packing, handling and finally after-service and technical support. An outstanding performance ratio, maximum commitment to the client and our flexibility and striving for improvement is constantly our objective. This means there is no delay trough all process, providing quote in shortest time and delivery on board just in time.





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